Company profile

Blue Amber, founded in 2011, acquires different R&D grants and awards from Singapore Government. We are committed to the development & marketing of a series of smart patient monitoring products & solutions. We also focus on providing vital sign contact-free monitoring and cloud health service total solution. Our target markets are nursing homes, elderly homes, elderly centers, family, etc. Blue Amber is a Technology Leading Enterprise of SIP, High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province.


Intellectual property rights: 6 types of registered trademarks, 13 patent technologies, and 8 software copyright.

Domestic Honor: Suzhou Park Science and technology leader, Hangzhou 5050 talent program, "spring Hui Cup" first prize, Jiangsu Province double soft enterprises, Jiangsu province private science and technology enterprises, Jiangsu province and technology small and medium enterprises, Jiangsu high-tech enterprises

Foreign Honors: The Singapore government has more than 10 million yuan in research and development funding.

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