Blue Amber contact-free smart patient monitoring system
Mobile terminal
Central monitoring system

Essential information

  • Name:
    Blue Amber contact-free smart patient monitoring system
  • parameter:
    Heart rate, Respiration Rate, Sleep apnea, Body movement, and out of bed alarm
  • Characteristic:

Core characteristics

Contact-free:Using optical fiber sensor, high precision, no radiation, no direct contact with human body, detection depth of up to 40CM, users can be unwittingly guardianship.

Mobile terminal monitoring:The monitoring data and alarm information are automatically synchronized to the APP terminal of the medical staff, which can monitor the vital signs of the users and rescue them in time.

Intelligent operation:The monitoring system is easy to set up and can be fully monitored automatically, and automatically alarm when the vital signs of users are abnormal.

Cloud storage:Real time data upload automatically to cloud server. Historical data can be traced back to query and analysis.